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No photos 3 months after wedding


I'm here seeking suggestions. It has been 3 months after our wedding date and we've got nothing but 1 photo posted on the photographer's Facebook page. What's making me really uncomfortable is that the photographer lied to us several times about the delivery date. Furthermore, it's really hard to get a response from him. Even if we did receive a response, it's a lie anyway. We've been told that photos are coming this Friday, next weekend, etc. At this point, I am just so tired of this game. He seems to be having really good reviews everywhere, including the knot, google, yelp and many other places. I really don't know what to do at this point. It's just so frustrating. I've let him know that if you need more time to edit, it's fine, just communicate. I think my requests are reasonable, I just need communication and maybe some photos for our family members to take a look during Thanksgiving. Just some photos...

Any suggestions?

Re: No photos 3 months after wedding

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