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Still around, just had a rough couple of weeks

I normally don't share this much personal information but I welcome all the good thoughts and prayers I can find righr now.

I lost my beloved uncle then three days later held vigil at a friend's deathbed. we had been friends for almost 30 years. I am still trying to process her death and at the same time I am grateful I got to hold her hand and say goodbye .

I was able to reconnect with my uncle's 3 sons, my cousins, that I used to babysit and see the wonderful men they have become.

I said goodbye to a woman who was so much more than just my friend, she was and will always be my sister. 

I am tired and grieving and rambling, my sentimental side is showing, don't miss an opportunity to tell someone you love them.

Re: Still around, just had a rough couple of weeks

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