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Where do you put your ring?

I'm newly engaged and while not planning a major fitness overhaul, am currently active and go to the gym 4-5 times a week. While I sometimes go home-gym-home, I often go home-gym-work or work-gym-home and have concerns about where to put my ring. I really do not want to wear it, as I often go to HIIT classes which use dumbbells, and have known many women to ruin or damage their rings.

Bringing a ring box around is the most convenient option, but not exactly the safest. Does anyone else use a mini safe or have other ideas about where to store the ring while I'm working out?

Re: Where do you put your ring?

  • Would you feel comfortable wearing it on a chain around your neck?

    If I ever have to take my ring off, I put it the inner pocket of my purse that has a zipper.
  • I used to lock my engagement ring in my glove box. Now I only wear a wedding band and I keep it on for my workouts. 
  • I loop it in my watch band then had it in my gym bag in a specific location (though my gym bag stays with me given the type of training I do).  I'd never wear the ring while training - it gets in the way of grip strength...
  • I put a carabineer on a loop inside of my gym bag. I drop my rings onto that. It screws shut so I never have to worry that they will pop off. My bag gets locked in my locker and off I go. My trainer showed me that trick.
  • I usually put it in my wallet and keep the wallet in the locker.
  • I leave it at home.

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    I also leave my ring at home.  I wear a bright green silicone ring probably 98% of the time and only wear my diamonds when I'm going somewhere other than home/work/gym/sports.

    If you want to keep it with you, I'd think a chain around your neck would be the best option.  I personally know pretty much for a fact that if I were to try to keep my ring in a pocket of my shorts, or a gym back pocket, or somewhere in my car I'd almost certainly lose it.
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