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Choosing a MOH... PLEASE HELP!!!

Hello Knotties,

I need some advice and I'm not too sure if I'm posting this in the right place.
Well here goes:

I recently got engaged on my birthday (Oct 23, 2016), and my FI and I have set our wedding day to be in May, 2018, however, we've already started choosing our wedding party. I have a friend who I've basically grew up with, so shes more like a sister, and while I was thinking about making her my MOH, she was the center of a few arguments the night before my birthday and somehow made that night about her and how she felt even after I asked her not to.

Also her and my FI don't really get along. I do have a friend I would like to ask to be my MOH and I ultimately want to choose a MOH who represents my FI and I. He has already chosen his BM and GM. 

Any advice on how to let my friend know? (BTW I would still like her to be one of my maids)
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