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fire island wedding?

does anyone know any reception venues on fire island? my fiancee and i met when we were both living in nyc and spent many amazing summer days in fire island. we have since moved to sc but are hoping to do our wedding in fire island since we have so many great memories there, and since many of our friends and family are still in ny. 

we are planning to rent a house for the week some time in the summer and are looking for a venue to host reception for about 40-50 people. i'd appreciate anyone's ideas or past experience.


Re: fire island wedding?

  • you could probably just rent a house that allows this many guests for an event and design it to your liking. that would be my best guess. you would of course have to bring in catering and all that jazz.
  • THE OUT! It is in Kismet and they do an amazing job... call and ask to speak to KAREN! I have been to two weddings there... make sure you ride off on bikes afterwards and have them decorated with just married shells cans and bows! Great photo! The Moonies that own the ferries will even arrange to have a special ferry for about 200$ for your guests.
  • jjswinjjswin member

    I have heard great things about The Out for weddings also. Some brides like to get married at the Lighthouse and then have the receipton at The Out.

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