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Wedding Night Sex: A Poll

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I read an article recently that over half of newlyweds do not have sex on their wedding night.  FI is using stories from people he knows as confirmation bias that the studies are wrong.  So humor me, did you or didn't you?

We also had to laugh because based on the studies reasons as to why it didn't go down, we are officially none of those couples.  We're most likely not to because I'll be drunk and he'll be tired, not vice versa.

Wedding Night Sex: A Poll 74 votes

Yes we did
56% 42 votes
No we didn't
25% 19 votes
No, but we made up for it in the morning
17% 13 votes

Re: Wedding Night Sex: A Poll

  • ... and all the next day. 

    But yah, we were drunk, exhausted, and ready for bed. Felt a little bad about it at the time (I was more tipsy and tired than he was), but the next day, post-nap, was well worth it. 
  • We did.  A lot of our guests stayed at our venue's adjoining hotel, which had a bar, but we skipped that part because it was almost 1am and we were both tired and just wanted to get back to our hotel room (more for the 1000 thread count sheets on the king-size bed and the spa bathroom than sex).  But once we were back in the room and pretty sober it was kind of like "why not?" It was nice :)
  • We were drunk, but not too drunk, and I thought for sure I'd be too tired and fall asleep (per the norm) before my head hit the pillow, but we were both too emotionally charged to sleep.  

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  • I was Totally too tired the night of...
  • We were tired but it was nice.   it wasn't toes curling but it was still nice.
  • No we didn't because we were both exhausted after getting practically no sleep the night before and from being on our feet all day. We made up for it the night before and the night after.
  • I've never been married, so I can't vote, but none of my friends have had sex on their wedding night.  Including the ones who waited until marriage.  

  • Ours wasn't as romantic as I had hoped.  We were both tired.  As soon as we were done, we cuddled for a minute and he ate the leftovers the caterer packed up for us & I took advantage of the Jacuzzi in the hotel.
  • We didn't. We were drunk and absolutely exhausted. We did both wake up around 4 am on the day of our wedding and couldn't fall back asleep so we ended up doing it then - it was far better than drunk, sleepy sex at the end of the night.
  • We made up for it the next morning. Both of us were drunk and tired after the party!

  • I needed this poll.  I thought were in the minority, apparently not?  We were way to tired and yeah,  a bit tipsy (drunk?).  More tired than anything.  Plus we knew who was staying in the rooms next to us...didn't want to test the paper thin walls.

  • We did it after our wedding but it honestly wasn't that great.  We were both pretty tried despite having a mid-day reception that ended by 5pm.  We ended up taking a nap after than joined some OOT friends for dinner/drinks at a local pub where my less than 24 hour DH told EVERYONE that "Yes we made it official." 

    After a good nights sleep and a nice dip in the Jacuzzi we had a much better time of it.  I say, don't feel pressured!

  • We were exhausted, but we did it. It was nice. 
  • We did in the swanky hotel shower. We were both tired, he was more tipsy than I, but we had people over to the room after the reception and when they left we hopped in the shower. We knew we got to sleep in a bit the next day, I didn't expect us to the night of though. 
  • We didn't, and we didn't make up for it the next morning (we were off to the airport), but definitely got caught up during the honeymoon.
  • We did. But we both had agreed beforehand that if it didn't end up happening that night we would both be fine. We waited til marriage, and DH said "I've waited this long, what's one more night? If we're too tired and it doesn't happen, it's ok." I felt the same way.

  • We did. H had read a similar study, and said, all proud of himself afterward "We beat the odds!"
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  • My one requirement for our wedding night hotel room was an in-room Jacuzzi tub.  I love those for any occasion.  We had a nice, long soak in it.  Cuddles and Happy, not really hanky panky.  But we are both tired and my H normally goes to bed really early anyway.

    As we were getting ready for bed, the following conversation:

    H: I know its our wedding night, but I am just so tired.  Is it terrible if we just go to sleep?

    Me: I've heard lots of couples don't have sex on their wedding night.  Now I understand why (laugh).  We're good, we're just old fuddy-duddies, lol.

    H:  Yeah, we are, lol.

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  • No, we did not. In fact it was three days into our honeymoon before we had sex, and then only because I cried that he didn't even seem to notice me. live together before marriage, kids. 
  • We got married in the morning and went home after our lunch to get our bag and feed the cat before heading back into the city, but we ended up napping. Didn't get up to any fun until after we checked into our hotel, so it was still the same day but there was a nap in between :P
  • We did.

    Similar story as banana. It was at around 2-3 am (I think I showered first... my feet were BLACK from going bare foot on the dance floor- eww...). We were tired, but it was nice. Wasn't the first time. Then we slept in the next day.
  • We did, because I didn't want to ever have to say we didn't!
    And the stupid jacuzzi in the room was broken anyway :-1:


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    luckya23 said:
    We did, because I didn't want to ever have to say we didn't!
    And the stupid jacuzzi in the room was broken anyway :-1:so


    So you did, knowing you'd have to take this future poll? :) 
    edit:  if I had known someone would poll me a month later, I may have done it too.

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