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Is your wedding ring engraved? If so, what does it say?!

The recent thread about engraving got me thinking, what kind of things do y'all have engraved in your ring, if you have any engraving at all? Is it initial, a date, something more?

My husband and I have the same engraving in our wedding bands, they say "My sun, moon, & stars" and our wedding date.

That is a super truncated quote from a video game that we played together, we wanted something sweet but also personal so settled on that and I'm really happy with it :)

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Re: Is your wedding ring engraved? If so, what does it say?!

  • My ering is my late grandmother's and has her wedding date engraved on it.  I want our wedding date engraved on my wedding band, but we haven't gotten around to doing that yet.

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  • DH has "Until 2+2=3" engraved on his wedding band.

    I do not have anything.
  • I had "More than yesterday. Less than tomorrow." (truncated favorite quote) engraved on his. Mine isn't engraved.
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  • I don't think I can get my ring engraved. But I'm thinking of getting a tatto one my rib of our wedding date. I haven't decided yet but I always wanted another tattoo that had meaning behind it 
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  • We are engraving lyrics from our first dance song, Feet Don't Touch The Ground by Stoney LaRue. 

    I will have "Living in a dream" on my band. 
    FI will have "Girl I'm here forever" on his band.

    this song means a lot to us. 
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