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Not having a shower--should our registry be on our wedding website?

I'm not having a bridal shower for a few reasons--I HATE going to them, and my fiance and I have been living together for a few years and have everything we need.  We've been told by many, many people that guests will still want to give us physical gifts, so we're planning on creating a small registry (mainly upgrading things we already have).  My question is, is it tacky to link to the registry on our wedding website with us not having a shower? 

Re: Not having a shower--should our registry be on our wedding website?

  • Ditto PP.  It's a huge faux-pas to mention gifts in any way on the wedding invitation, whereas the wedding website is a fine place for that info.
  • Go for it. I did the same. Some people just prefer boxed gifts. I set it so that people could ship to my parents' house (where the packages would be safer) if they didn't want to bring a box to the event. 

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    You are fine.  Your bridal registry is not only for showers.  It is for wedding gifts, and it is a convenience to your guests who want to give you a gift.  As long as you don't mention gifts on your invitation, you are OK.
  • Many websites also have separate tabs for information, so you could make a "Registry" tab. Keep the information on that page simple- a direct, "We are registered at X" is all you need.
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