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  • @SaintPaulGal  omg so cute!! Tortie breed? I'm dying over cuteness seriously :')
    Thanks!  She is seriously adorable, and less feisty than the average tortie.  I did NOT intend to get a third cat, but someone dumped a pregnant stray at my parents' farm and they took mama cat in.  The other three babies found homes but this little darling was left over.  How could I say no to that little face?  (Baby picture ahead)

    I would definitely not say no, and if I had to I would hide the cat if M was against it. Nope. Too cute. :)
  • I'll do a sep mom ost, to not bring this one down.

    I totally have no idea what to get my last christmas person....which is my dad.  He doesn't really want that question right now, so, he's getting WTF ever I think of between now and the 23rd.

    @AtomicBlonde Messing w/ my craft supplies even to 'help', makes me stabby beyond belief.

    I am going downstairs to Christmas for an hour or so. 
    I'm still waiting by the phone because my SIL was induced ages ago, and no baby yet.

  • @SaintPaulGal check Amazon for the vest. 
  • 6fsn said:
    @SaintPaulGal check Amazon for the vest. 
    Only available from third party sellers at a huge markup, unfortunately.  I wonder if that color is discontinued?  Although I sort of doubt it; Carhartt isn't exactly a fashion house with a new line each season.  My dad has been wearing the same couple of colors from them for as far back as I can remember.
  • @kimmiinthemitten I'm sorry about your fight with FI, but your new necklace is beautiful!

    Today (this week in fact) is taking FOREVER. Our last fish officially died, so now I have an empty aquarium and no time to go to Petsmart to fill it. It's super classy.
    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
  • Heffa, it isn't just men. I know a lot of women that need instructions and they seem to have a cow whenever they have to plan something or have to think.
  • Heffa, it isn't just men. I know a lot of women that need instructions and they seem to have a cow whenever they have to plan something or have to think.

    That is a good point.  I know it's not most men.  DH and I were discussing how there is a subset of humanity who just wants to be told what to do and how to do it. 
  • @AtomicBlonde @kimmiinthemitten your Hs (well, soon to be H for Kimmi :)) sound like mine. He cleans up by putting things where they fit rather than where they actually go and throws things away if they don't "look" important- typically without even opening the box/bag to see what's in it. It is so. frustrating.

    Woke up thinking it was Thursday, so not the best start to the day. But I'm here. Work today and church stuff later tonight. Tomorrow is my birthday and my mom is taking me out for a date since DH isn't here to celebrate with me :) She's the best. Other than that, SSDD here.

    Tomorrow is my daughter's BD too! Happy early birthday! We are going to spend the weekend with her.
  • I tracked down the vest I wanted online.  It's $10-ish more expensive than buying it locally, and I have to worry about it missing Christmas until it actually gets delivered, but it's off my to-do list at least.

    Almost time for the manager outing!
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