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New Jersey

Catholic Ceremony

Hi everyone. I'm getting married on a Sunday in September. I love my venue and the wedding would be beautiful there. I know if you want a catholic wedding or should i say a Priest to marry you it has to be on sacred grounds. My Fiance has all of the sacraments performed but he isn't a practicing Catholic and we have many non-denominational Christians coming to the wedding as well. I also just moved to NJ not too long ago and i'm not registered to a church here. I was wondering if anyone knew of a Priest that would be able to Marry us and do a convalidation? Or if there is a way to get around this?

Re: Catholic Ceremony

  • Hi!  I am in a similar situation, only my fiance is not a confirmed Catholic so we get a little easier time with not having to be on sacred ground.  However, in my struggles to find a priest to come out to where our venue is, I found http://askfathercarroll.com/  that officiant. 

    I have not reached out to him/do not know anything more than that website, but it seems like it could work! 
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