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Inexpensive Bridal Makeup Suggestions?

I'm looking for suggestions for an inexpensive on-site makeup artist. Anyone have any suggestions/recommendations?

Re: Inexpensive Bridal Makeup Suggestions?

  • I actually did this, my sister was a graphics design student at an arts school in NYC (School of Visual Arts) 
    She referred me to the school's job posting board - they have makeup artists (everything in fact that deals with motion picture entertainment.industry). They wont demand alot of money and may ask to use your photos in their "book"..

    I have favors for women already worked out however, the cigar roller I am going with states that they are a brand, imported from the Dominican Republic and they also design custom cigar bands. My fiance and his father lave cigars and the cigar roller is perfect, the cigar bands/labels are a plus. Has anyone had any experience with these Dallas cigar rollers, I already booked them earlier this week. https://dallascigarrollers.com is their local site , the national site is https://cigarcatering.com/dallas

    Has anyone had a cigar roller before because I want to know how to plan this? I dont want guests smoking cigars while I have entertainment going on so I dont know how to go about this 

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