Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

My turn to AW!!!!

Typing H instead of FI is going to take some getting used to, but saying it is so much fun!  I totally expected to be an emotional nutjob yesterday, because commercials can make me cry, but I was so calm and collected all day. It was so much fun. I know the Knotties were 50/50 on the signing to my dad instead of dancing, but I'm so glad I trusted my gut. So many people commented on how perfect that was for our relationship and even my boss cried!  It was amazing.  

The best part of the day was after our second reading was done during the ceremony. I knew the formal declaration was next and I was so excited in that exact moment it was hard not to just jump up and down!

Not sure what order these are going to be since I'm on my phone but I have our first dance, walking down the aisle, a posed photo, the venue, a pic from getting ready that's a great veil pic, and a pic of my sis, dad and I. (Edited to swap a photo).

Re: My turn to AW!!!!

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