Wedding Woes


Good morning, WW!  What's happening this week?

Presents are all wrapped, except for a bunch of B&BW stuff for my mom that I just have to swaddle in tissue and toss in a gift bag.  Maybe tonight.  Mr. Heff is off all week (and next), and he's at the dentist right now getting a crown (boo).  But after that he is picking up Wooz's new bike (!!) from the bike shop and putting together DS's drum set (!!).  (Yes, we are crazy.  We almost went this route for his birthday, decided not to, and reconsidered for Christmas.  It's sitting in a box in our living room.)  He is also going to tackle the trampoline when it arrives later this week.  I could get used to having a SAHH. 

My brother is back from the UK, and texted that our mom is "adamant" that he stay with her the whole time.  He's only here for three days (including arrival/departure days), so we'll have to see if maybe we can get together in addition to Christmas Day.

Got the Sponsor Family stuff dropped off Saturday.  The back of my car was completely full, and we had to put the bike and a few other presents in DH's truck.  It was a haul, but it went off without a hitch.  Also, on the drive there, Wooz was asking me why some of the flags were at half staff.  I Googled it and the best I could come up with was John Glenn's funeral.  So then she was asking what a funeral was, and if they were just for famous people.  "Will you and Daddy have a funeral?"  Yeesh.  Worse: "Will I have a funeral?"  Nothing like confronting your own mortality on a drive in the country.

Re: Monday!

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    How many families did you have participate @Heffalump? Sounds like you it was a success. Did you take it to the family?

    Everyone in our house is exhausted, even the dog went back to sleep this morning. Maybe it's the cold. I'm WFH today, hopefully finishing up grading and final grades today. It really depends on how productive I am and judging by the fact that I'm still in sweats drinking coffee I'm going to say not at all. 

    Weekend was good, department holiday party was fun, and Bills and Steelers wins yesterday while we broke out the last of our weddding champagne was even better. 
  • How many families did you have participate @Heffalump? Sounds like you it was a success. Did you take it to the family?

    Everyone in our house is exhausted, even the dog went back to sleep this morning. Maybe it's the cold. I'm WFH today, hopefully finishing up grading and final grades today. It really depends on how productive I am and judging by the fact that I'm still in sweats drinking coffee I'm going to say not at all. 

    Weekend was good, department holiday party was fun, and Bills and Steelers wins yesterday while we broke out the last of our weddding champagne was even better. 

    We did, we delivered their gifts Saturday afternoon.  In the end, it was 9 families including us, and it went really well.  Also, some of my neighbors are really good at wrapping, and it made me want to up my game.  :)

    Everyone is exhausted here, too.  Wooz was sassing us at dinner last night and got sent to her room.  When I went to check on her, she was fast asleep on her bed with all her lights on.  Slept straight through until her alarm this morning, and even then she was dragging.  I hope she's not coming down with something.  DS was hard to get up, too, and since DH had to be at the dentist, I said I'd drop DS off.  So I probably let DS drag around longer than I otherwise would have. 

    Christmas break can not come fast enough.
  • So, the weekend itself was glorious for the most part.  We didn't go anywhere (besides a little bit of shopping).  It was lovely.  We had a fire on Saturday and Sunday.  

    DH told me a couple weeks ago that his friend was going to be in town this coming week (to pick up his son and then drive back with him to CA) and might need to stay with us 'a couple nights'.  Saturday, he told me his friend was coming yesterday or today and staying the whole week.  This guy is...something else.  It's too long to explain, but he's a horrible houseguest.  DH overlooks it because his friend only stays with us once every 3-5 years.  But dude stresses me out.  Anyway, I was PISSED.  We had a heated discussion Saturday and an all out fight yesterday (mainly because I was being a snarky bitch).  Annnnndddd...His friend isn't coming because weather on the way to and from CA is really sketchy.  IDK what he's doing about his kid (he's 17), but he's not coming 

    DH and I are still trying to get our gift exchange gifts together  I had a minor freakout because I've been shopping online AND in store AND asked and asked and ASKED DH for ideas, and he's like "yeah, we need to get on that" and then zero ideas are shared.  

    I have to finish wrapping.  I also have to mail a box to SIL.  I've accepted that it's not getting there before Christmas. 
  • Tree is up and trimmed (finally)... DH kept saying, "But we already trimmed the tree," and it wasn't until the 5th or 6th time that he said it that I realized he was thinking far more literally than I.  I *think* I'm done Christmas shopping.  Just have all the wrapping to do.  Cards were mailed this morning.  Cookies are being baked.  Menus are being planned.  Sleep is non-existent.  Next year, I'm starting all this in, like, March (famous last words).

    I'm at work at least through Thursday.  DH's bday is Friday, so hopefully I get to stay home with him.  My parents also get into town Friday.  They are bringing their dog, a Dobe-Weim cross who has never met Twiggy and is the absolute craziest dog I've ever met, so it should be an interesting weekend.  We told them to bring him, because we have several wooded acres for them to romp in.  Twiggy, meanwhile, has figured out how to open the back gate and the door to the porch, so we have our hands full.  He's a sweet pup, and I don't think he's a flight risk, but we think we know why he's bounced around so many homes.

    Weekend was fairly quiet.  We visited DH's GPs again, saw Rogue One, ate way too much.  I found it to be very different writing/storytelling than the main anthology, but overall a decent tie-in.

    "And when they use our atoms to make new lives, they won’t just be able to take one, they’ll have to take two, one of you and one of me..."
    --Philip Pullman

  • I went and got my hair done Friday and was there for 3 hours. I have short hair that is already blonde so I cannot figure out why it took 3 hours. When I got home H was sick and running a fever.

    Saturday we went to Carter's to get pajamas for Mouse since they were buy one get 2 free and then back home. I got pissed off at H for hogging the living room and couch basically leaving my 8 month pregnant ass to sit on the floor. I left at 5 to go shopping and when I got home he asked if I was mad at him. It's fine now, but damn man...don't make the pregnant lady sit on the floor. I made him go to urgent care at 7 because his temp was 104, no flu and no idea what it was.

    Yesterday, H went shopping and I stayed home all day. It's a short week this week. Yay. 

    @kimmiinthemitten I can't wait to see pics!
  • How are Twiggy and Hiccup (I hope that's right?) getting along @AtomicBlonde?

    Having someone stay at my house, without my knowledge let alone say in the matter would also produce a pretty a big argument in my house as well @mrsconn23. Does he usually stay without much notice?

  • Having someone stay at my house, without my knowledge let alone say in the matter would also produce a pretty a big argument in my house as well @mrsconn23. Does he usually stay without much notice?
    This seriously never happens.  I am 9/10 fine with house guests, even last minute.  

    As I mentioned above, I knew his friend was coming to town and staying with us, but not for 4-5 nights.  DH never really gave me firm details because he never got them from his friend.   Also, DH knew that I would not be happy with this guy staying longer than a couple nights and he waited until the last second to rip the band-aid off.   It's all 'moo' now since his friend isn't coming. 

    I will fucking * buy* DH a plane ticket to go visit this guy in CA (for clarification, this NOT our friend that we went to HI's another guy. Our other friends can move in with us if they want to. ;) ). 
  • Good morning everyone.
    I hope all the dogs have a blast running and playing together @AtomicBlonde
    Congrats again @kimmiinthemitten

    My weekend was pretty tame.
    I had dinner at SIL's house with her, her kids, and MIL on Friday. Then went home early.
    Saturday, SIL and I went to her friend's mom's birthday party. I had a lot of fun and her friend and I are going to play BINGO tonight. 
    Yesterday, I packed a little then went to the beach with MIL and the niece and nephew. I wanted to collect some shells and sand to put in an ornament for DH.
    Today I have some errands to run and an eye appt. this afternoon. I am also the Adult in Charge of the kids since they are out of school this week. They pretty much take care of themselves though.
  • Morning!!
    I'll ready and reply to everyone's posts in a bit, I've spend 20mins trying to finish this post lmao

    Friday - nothing. I did laundry. Lol

    Saturday - it snowed heavily over night, but M had to go out and get things for going out and for next day.
    "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party was good. My friend that hosted ended up getting sick, so we moved the party to our place. My other friend came late with her new bf. Turns out my friend's new bf knows my mum! Small world lmao

    Sunday - had family over for early xmas dinner/gift exchange. We did tacos and damn I'm grateful for having a dish washer!
    M and I got money and gift card for movies for part of our gifts. So we've kinda decided what we're doing for NYE :)

    Of course, just as people are leaving I'm starting to get really congested again. I'm so tired of being off-and-on sick :( I think I'm over tired and my body is having a hard time fighting it. Grr

    I made shortbread cookies and apparently they were good, but I'm not a fan of how they turned out so I'm scrapping that idea and making sugar cookies. Grr
  • Friday I left work early to pick up FI at the airport.  He moved his flight up a day to avoid the possibility of getting stuck in NYC.  It was weird to have him gone for two weeks straight, and nice to have him home.  Then Friday night we shopped for groceries for our holiday party and worked on cleaning.

    Saturday he finished the cleaning and I did the cooking.  I was super stressed about trying to get everything done in time, and I didn't wind up finishing everything I wanted to finish.  The party started at 7:30 and some dumbass showed up at 7 PM on the dot.  (I love the guy, but he's not the greatest at following directions.)  It is an open house style gathering, so we expected people would filter in and out throughout the night, but people were oddly punctual. By 7:40 we had a house full of guests.  Attendance was a bit smaller than expected due to polar vortex temps dropping well into the "hell no" bracket, but overall it was very successful and we all had a blast.

    Sunday we holed up inside, hiding from the cold.  Ordered delivery, watched White Christmas (FI had never seen it), sat by the fire.  FI ran his final 2016 numbers and found that he has grown his book of business almost 35% over last year, so he is in a great place to ask for a raise and a full time team member assigned to him (he currently shares a staffer with another department and then uses freelancers to fill in the cracks) during his year-end meeting this morning.

    Today I have to finish up delivering goody baskets to clients before the holidays.  I did some serious slacking on that front last week since it was frigid and snowy and awful.
  • @Heffalump  Seems like the time of year everyone is getting run down. That's amazing how many people could participate :)

    @charlotte989875  you know it's a rough morning when pets go back to bed lol

    @mrsconn23  hopefully he doesn't end up staying the entire week :\

    @DrillSergeantCat  some hair processes slower than others. When I go super light, my hair processes fast but it still takes awhile.

    @kimmiinthemitten  Congrats! :) You look beautiful and I love that photo of you guys laughing!
  • Big, huge CONGRATULATIONS to @kimmiinthemitten!  Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, and I hope you and your husband have a wonderful life together!
  • @lyndausvi  how heart breaking for them :( Hopefully they get the time off to go.
    Yay for grocery store gift cards at least lol
  • Morning, WW!

    The weekend was great, but I am absolutely exhausted. Saturday I braved Walmart to get the last stuff I needed for the Christmas dinner that was happening at my house on Sunday. Then I cleaned out the fridge, made fudge, peppermint bark, and Oreo truffles and cooked dinner. I ended up going to bed pretty early because I had to be at church at 7:30 am on Sunday.

    Sunday morning was church, and then I went home for a quick nap. When I got up I finished making all the food for Christmas dinner. My mom ended up having a migraine and couldn't make it, so it was just me, my brother, his girlfriend, and her parents. We had a really nice time.

    DH and I had a little argument on Saturday night. He has been under the impression that he would get to come home for Christmas ever since he left for this job back in October. I have done really good at not getting my hopes up, until this past week. I finally let myself get excited about it and started making plans for when he's here, only to find out that he might not get to come. He called his bosses Saturday and asked about coming home and they said "well if the weather is good, you're flying". So we may not even know if he's coming home until Saturday. Y'all, I got so upset. He is not flying passengers, he's doing surveying for crying out loud. His bosses won't be working on Christmas, so why should he have to? They'll both be home with their families not even thinking about work. All the feelings started coming out of my mouth. And DH was just like "well, I have to do what I have to do", thus spurring the argument. I have not been a fan of this job since day one. I understand that it's the fastest way for him to build up hours, but it's just not worth sacrificing time with family to me. I finally realized that my problem was not the fact that he might not be here, it was that he was being so unemotional about everything. I told him I just need him to let me in on his feelings about things instead of trying to "be strong" so I won't be sad. It doesn't work that way, lol. The "stronger" he acts, the more mad it makes me because it just seems so insensitive. He finally got it I think. Jury is still out on Christmas, but I am really hoping and praying I'll get to see my hubs :(

  • I hope it works out, @thefanciestbeckler!  I totally understand both sides of that argument, too.  Being strong and keeping a stiff upper lip may feel like the right thing to do, but it can come off as cold and uncaring.  Hugs to you both, and wishes for a little holiday miracle. 
  • @lyndausvi  how heart breaking for them :( Hopefully they get the time off to go.
    Yay for grocery store gift cards at least lol
    K and J are on their way.  M is staying back.  Actually he is picking us up to ski. It's one of those things that sucks about being not only transient but working seasonally.   When you only work 4.5 months, taking off 4 days during the busiest week is a bigger deal.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • @sparklepants41 pics!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you @SaintPaulGal! I get where he's coming from too, and sometimes I appreciate the stiff upper lip. He's just not too good at gauging when I need that vs. when I need a more affectionate response.

    @lyndausvi that is so sad! I definitely see both sides though, especially given that their work is seasonal. I'm glad it at least worked out for K and J to go.

  • @sparklepants41  pics or she doesn't exist ;)
  • @sparklepants41 OMG she is adorable!!!! look at those eyes <3

  • @sparklepants41  omg little puppers <3 !
    I am so in love with her - especially her pointy head #squee!!!
  • @sparklepants41  omg little puppers <3 !
    I am so in love with her - especially her pointy head #squee!!!

    I want to kiss her right there on the top of her pointy head! You're making me want to get another puppy!

  • She's adorable @sparklepants41!! Also, she looks so much like my dog, Charlie. Is she a lab/border collie mix?
  • Kimmie - Congrats to you and the Mr!

    TFB - I hope your H is able to make it home for Christmas.  You are right his bosses won't be working and since Christmas is on the weekend, you would think he'd be able to have at least one day to be home.

    Lynda - That is so sad.  Prayers for the family.  Glad you were able to help where you could.  (That view is gorgeous!)

    This weekend was great!  Backtracking all the way to Wednesday,  Betsey's test results came in and she has Chronic Lyme's disease.  Its very likely she had it prior to us getting her last December.  Poor girl didn't even show any outward symptoms.  She is on a high dose of antibiotics for 26 days and then will be re-tested.  On Thursday I had a seminar in the morning on things that really didn't pertain to me!  But I got a free breakfast out of it and it was yummy!  I was off in the afternoon and ran my final errands for Christmas gifts.  Friday was mostly cleaning around the house and preparing for my family's Christmas Eve celebration.

    Saturday was the big day for our party.  H & I were in good shape with the house, so we stayed in bed until almost 10!  We finished cleaning and getting ready.  Around 3:30 my parents came over and everything got start.  Soon after, the rest of the cooking crew showed up and we got down to some cooking!  There was some drama over the breakers being tripped repeatedly while trying to cook with all of the electric frying pans.  But H & I got everything set on different breakers and we ended up ok.  We are getting ready for an upgraded electrical panel, so this shouldn't happen next year!  Dinner got started earlier than usual and there wasn't as much as usual left over!  The one thing I feel bad on is that there were no appetizers for H.  Everything was fish and H doesn't eat it.  So I told him to make sure to remind me and I will have a meaty appetizer next year!

    Sunday was starting to clean up.  I got more dishes washed and started washing the table cloths too.  It was also my nephew's birthday, so we went over for cake at 2.  Then at 4 we had dinner with H's family.  We arrived in the parking lot to BIL/SIL having a fight.  Thankfully it got resolved before they came inside and dinner was actually nice.  MIL left the appropriate sized tip too!  After we went back to BIL/SILs house for more cake and ice cream.  It was also to exchange gifts, but no one told us that.  We left their gifts at home.  Whoops!

    Not sure what today has in store.  H is gearing up for his final cert test next Tuesday, so he will be studying a whole lot this week.  We are going to do the final paint coat on the bathroom and H is going to start fixing the closet in the nursery so we can start working in there too.  We got a nice unexpected big escrow check from our last mortgage company, so we may hire out the bathroom floor.  We are getting price quotes.

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