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  • @Heffalump at the his time of year we usually have at least two mail trucks delivering just packages every day then the mail truck just running the regular route. Mail trucks have such a distinctive sound I can hear it everywhere in the house. 
  • I don't think H and I have ever successfully gotten each other surprise gifts that were exchanged on the correct day (Christmas, birthday, etc.).

    We're both super particular people, so our wants are really specific. I don't want a food processor, I want the Kitchenaid 13-cup food processor in silver, that kinda thing.

    So I picked out my gift a few weeks ago.

    He confessed to me that over the weekend he saw - without intentionally looking for it - the confirmation email I got about his Christmas gift.

    I wish I could say we're particular, but honestly it's more we're both basically children and can't wait. LMFAO
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    DH's gift to me arrived in the mail yesterday. He said I'd know exactly what it was as soon as I saw the envelope, and I do. A gift card for a massage.

    He told me to act surprised anyways ;)

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  • @kimmiinthemitten, Wishing you and Hinthemitten sunshine soon and empanadas!
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