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Youtube Video Invite

I just discovered this wedding invite video, because they wanted to do something besides paper invites because "it's 2015!!!11" (these were from last year of course). The youtuber made the invites public because she's going through a lawsuit with another youtuber who attended the wedding, stole her bouquet and many cards from the card box and she wanted to use this video invite as proof or something.

I internally snarked throughout the entire video, I'm sorry to say.  I'm sharing it for entertainment purposes.

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Re: Youtube Video Invite

  • Gross. Just gross. And hilarious. 
  • I don't hate the idea of a video save the date for all your "hip young friends"...but this was just strange.  And to make it the invite too?  I sure hope grandma was included and knew what was going on!

  • She and her now husband make all of their money exclusively on YouTube and she apparently forces her family to watch her videos, so I wouldn't be surprised if most of her family were YT savvy. I guess considering her profession I'm not surprised, but I still found it amusing, hehe.

    If anyone is ever bored, her wedding video blog series and the drama that ensued afterwards is gold, in a Twilight Zone kind of way. 

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  • I see...... Very.... interesting.....

    Kinda of weird to me. I would just like a paper copy that I can stick on the fridge so I have the date right there. They even say in the videos, everything is written down below in the descriptions, so even with a video invitation, it still requires written word to get the important information across- send and invitation.

    My favourite part was the cat.
  • This is the most awkward thing ever

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