Budget Weddings in Detroit

My love of 10 years and I will be wed in the Fall of 2017. We are a young family of 3 with Champagne taste on a beer & wine budget. Where could we go in Detroit or its metro area for our special day? No caterer venues please.

Re: Budget Weddings in Detroit

  • You need a caterer - it's actually going to save you money and sanity over trying to DIY food and be far safer than trying to manage food temperatures/safety because it's your wedding day, not a house party where you have no other major responsibilities to attend to that day, you've got 3 kids and being a Bride/Groom, asking your guests to work your wedding for this is just plain rude, there are only so many hours to the day.  Years ago we priced out all of the materials and time value for a basic DIY meal for a gathering of 50-100 vs. hiring a caterer, local restaurant, or deli to do it for you, it wasn't even close how much it saved to have the caterer, same goes for cake especially now with places like Sam's, BJ's, HyVee, Costco, Walmart, and Super Target all making wedding cakes.  Also, all caterers offer a "Budget Friendly meal option" - basically it's their "you get what you get" but it'll save a small fortune.  For my parent's anniversary party, it saved me roughly half the cost by working with the caterer/hall and asking.  

    There are local boards to Detroit MI (Go to the upper right side of the screen where it says "Wedding Boards" and you'll see a drop-down to "Local Boards" and you can go from there to get to your local board)..  This being an international board, you're not going to get many Detroit-local venue suggestions here.  

    There are only three things you need to get married - 1) Someone to marry you, 2) A license, 3) Someone to witness, the rest is all window dressing and gravy but the second you invite a guest, they need to be hosted properly (i.e. do not open their wallet) during your event.  The smaller the guest list the easier time you'll have with those champagne tastes.  Stop looking at bridal magazines now!

  • I agree with @MesmrEwe that you will likely be better served on your local board. Please let me know if you would like this to be moved.
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  • Yes, I'm new to this and it needs to be moved. Thank you.
  • Thank you very much for this info. I'll put the magazines away too, hahaha.
  • Hi! We are renting the Riverhawk Conference center at Proud Lake Rec Area in Wixom. Comes with tables and chairs for $300. You can bring in any food and alcohol and they are super easy to work with. We were able to choose from many weekends in October and November. Hope that helps! 
  • What kind of beer budget? ;)  I may have some ideas but it would be helpful to know what you're working with.
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