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Groupon Getaways?

Has anyone every thought of using groupon for the wedding night? This would be a good option if you don't have anyhting specific in mind. I just got engaged this month and have A LOT of planning to do. Plus, I'm young and have not seen the World yet. Thoughts please? :-)

Re: Groupon Getaways?

  • What is your budget for your honeymoon?
    What things interest you?  Museums?  Culture?  Beach? Sports?
    Where are you located?  A Caribbean cruise is a lot easier for someone who lives in Florida, than for someone who lives in Colorado!

    These questions are more relevant.  There are a lot of options out there.  We will be glad to help you find them.
  • I have friends who have done groupon trips. They are basically just packaged trips like you could get on Expedia or through a travel agent. They can be a good value but tend to be a bit limited in terms of options. 
  • If you're open to where and when you travel these can be pretty good deals. The Expedia ones are pretty similar and you can save a lot if you're not tied to exactly when you fly or where you stay. I think it's a good way to see places if you don't want to spend a ton of money. 
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