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Welcome 2017!!

How was everyone's New Years Eve and New Years Day? :)
I want to hear all the details!

I personally had an amazing one and only engaged New Years kiss and I bet a lot of you lovely ladies did also.  <3

Re: Welcome 2017!!

  • We watched Star Wars episodes 4-6, snacked, kissed at midnight, and toasted with white grape juice and sparkling water.
  • We watched Star Wars episodes 4-6, snacked, kissed at midnight, and toasted with white grape juice and sparkling water.
    We also watched episodes iv-vi, it was great! We did a different snack food for each movie (chips and shrimp for iv, pigs in a blanket for v, and chocolate chip cheesecake for vi). 
  • I worked during the day Saturday. But when I came home, DH had a yummy dinner made. So we ate dinner, while drinking wine and watched several episodes of Doctor Who then several episodes of Weeds until midnight where we toasted with sparkling wine.

    The first day of 2017 was pretty quiet, with some cleaning and I rode my horse :smile:
  • We had a five course dinner at a restaurant downtown that had an accompanying beverage pairing with some friends. It was fun, chill and delicious!  Yesterday we had the Lions game (wah wah) and today my BFF and I are going shopping and then doing happy hour. Tomorrow I go back to the real world from my 2 week vacation and I am oh so sad! 
  • I had an event for work NYE until 8 pm. Got home at 10:00 pm with pizza for DH because he got the baby down for the first time by himself (without me there) by 8:00 and she slept all night. We were asleep by 11:00 pm.

    New Year's Day we had my godson's first birthday party and went to dinner with his family. We had a lazy and uneventful weekend and it was so nice

  • We slept. Haha. New Year's just doesn't have any hold over me or DH. We got over the partying thing years ago because our city is such a shit-show (plus, freezing cold) for this holiday. I never really liked NYE house parties either because I'd be wanting to go home by 11. Watching the ball drop is even annoying as none of the media personalities are exciting. A huge yawn from me!

  • NYE is one of my faves.  I bought tickets for a comedy show at 10:00 p.m. but my husband ended up working that night.  I grabbed one of my friends and was like "come with me then?  All sales final, I'd rather not eat this ticket"

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