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HI! My fiance and I are both Christians and our faith is super important to us. We want our ceremony to reflect that, and to be centered around God. I am not super creative though, and haven't been to many like that. Does anyone on here have ideas, things they are doing to have a God- centered ceremony?

Also, his dad and a few other relatives are not Christian, so I don't want them to feel uncomfortable. Any advice for that?

Thank you!

Re: Ceremony ideas

  • If you attend a church regularly, I suggest you start by asking about the requirements for getting married in the church. If you cannot or do not want to get married in the church, find a Christian minister to marry you. Choose Bible readings that mean something to you as a couple. Choose hymns or other songs of worship that mean something to you as a couple. Incorporate your Christian faith in your vows. Offer Communion and explain that anyone may come up for a blessing (if that's true). If you don't want your relatives to feel uncomfortable, consider providing a program that includes information about all of the Christian elements and how guests can participate if they so choose. You may also look into whether the churches in your area offer marriage prep classes, so your marriage is as God-focused as your wedding day.

    Note: My advice is intended for the United States. I understand some countries do not allow religious elements in their ceremonies, in which case you would need to get more creative.
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