Friday night vs. Sunday

Hello ATL,

I'm recently engaged and looking for venues in Atlanta for the Fall of 2017.  I realize that most venues are booked up for Saturday nights and was hoping you could assist with choosing another day.  We'll have several guests traveling from out of town and am unsure if a Friday night or a Sunday afternoon or night would work.  The vibe I'm looking to achieve I feel would work best on a Friday night with a ceremony around 6:30/7pm but just can't decide.  HELP!

Thank you,

Re: Friday night vs. Sunday

  • We have a lot of people from out of town as well, and have decided Friday night is better! It gives our guests time to relax after our wedding and still get home the same weekend. We also planned ours for a week when most schools are out for break, so that helps with families. 
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