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Hi everyone!
I'm hoping someone can help me out by suggesting a campground that I'd be able to have my ceremony and reception at. I live in Green Bay, WI, and most of my family lives in Munising, MI, Garden, MI, or Escanaba, MI. So I'm looking for somewhere in Green Bay, or anywhere up to 3 hours north from there. I would ideally be looking for a campground that has:
-at least 2 cabins
-an open area that i could put a tent up for reception
-availability for tents and RVs
-at least 20 sites
-hotel nearby

Any help would be great! Thank you!!!!

Re: Campground Venue

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    Really consider your budget before going this route.  Bringing in all of the things including a tent, tables, chairs, etc. is going to come with a higher than you might think price point.  Check out Brule for their off-season rates, Norway Mountain might be another idea.  If you don't mind going slightly south, Oshkosh has Hickory Oaks Campground with hotels nearby, cabins on-site, and hosts weddings.  Be aware though, this is a nice yet quiet campground so everything would need to be wrapped up by I think it's 10..
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    I initially wanted our wedding at Lost Lake Cabins in Florence, WI (https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/cnnf/recarea/?recid=27877)

    It has a building with a full kitchen/restrooms/fireplace.  A 2nd 'lecture hall', 8 cabins with electric & 3 bunk beds.  There are other cabins with a kitchen/bath; but only sleeps 2.

    It's on a lake with a path to a rustic campground & beach.  The rest of the lake is undeveloped : )  It is about 30 minutes to the closest hotel, though...

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