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Having only one set of secondary sponsors in a Filipino wedding?

Hi all, I am Filipina and my FH is white. I wanted to incorporate the candle, veil, and cord traditions into our wedding. Originally I was going to have my MOH/BM, 2 pairs of bridesmaids/groomsmen, the 3 secondary sponsors, and then 5 primary sponsors. However after second thought I feel like that is way too many people in what is going to be a fairly small (under 100) wedding. So what I am thinking of now is placing one of my secondary sponsors as a bridesmaid (she is not Filipina anyway and I'd rather have her there), and keeping one of the pairs as secondary sponsors since they are very close family friends. The other sponsors are cousins/relatives that I'm not very close to but my mom suggested, and would also be coming from out of town so I'm unsure about their ability to attend the rehearsal.

If I end up going this way, I'm not sure how I would split up the duties. Have the one pair do all 3? Have the pair + two pairs of BM/GM do the traditions? Any suggestions?

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