Looking for nice venue for under $3000

I have been searching high and low for a decent venue with the barn/rustic/brick style, that offers more than chairs and tables in the rental price. Location is preferably east (more southeast) Atlanta. Trying to keep my budget at or below $6000 for everything.

I would love to have the ceremony/reception at the same place to convenience guests. I would pay more if full catering to guests was included. I want a bridal suite and grooms quarters. Need rehearsal the night before. Would love kitchen and ice maker on site. Not a huge fan of plantation style (which is most popular out here), but it isn't totally out of the question. If it will save me money to get married in the hot months, I will do it, but I don't really want an outdoor wedding.

I've look at so many places, my head is spinning. I wrote down 180 guests, but am happy to cut that down to 150.

Anyone know of any hidden places I haven't found yet??
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