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Invitation wording help!


My fiancé's (grooms) parents are hosting our wedding, however, I'm confused on how to word the invitation, because my FIL is remarried and my MIL is a widow. Also, my fiancé doesn't have a middle name so should I just put his first and last name and my full name  on the invitation?

Thank you!!

Re: Invitation wording help!

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    Your FIL is remarried, but your MIL is a widow?  If she is a widow, is it to someone other than FIL?  I will go on that assumption.

    Mrs. John Latehusband's Lastname
    Mr. George James Groomsfather

    request the pleasure of your company
    at the marriage of

    Miss (Ms.) Jane Ann Brideslastname

    to their son
    Paul Groomslastname

    Saturday, the twenty-fourth of June
    two thousand seventeen
    at six o'clock

    Venue Name
    123 Maple Street
    Anytown, Iowa

    If your reception is in the same location as your ceremony, you do not need a separate reception card.  Just put "Reception immediately to follow" at the bottom of the invitation.  If it is in a different location, you need a separate reception card that includes the address of the reception.
    Of course if it is to be a church ceremony, you "request the honour of your presence".  Catholic brides having a full mass might use a slightly different wording.
    The only reason your FI needs a last name is because his parents have different last names.  Otherwise, you would just use his first name, since he has no middle name.

  • Your assumption is correct! This is what I was thinking as well, thank you so much for the help! :)
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