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Need a Ceremony Site Plan B

I am getting married in October this year. Now our hall is reserved and that is that. We are using the American legion near Coe lake in Berea. So we though great idea we can get married at the Gazebo at Coe lake. So when i contact them they say they are not renting or reserving those structures for anything at this point. Because they are doing construction (which they have finished phase 1 haven started phase 2) we need a plan B.  They sent me an email that states to call back in the spring which we make our wedding 5-6 months out. Right when i need to get invites made etc . But if i call them here in march or april and they tell me they are still not reserving. It means those structures are 1st come 1st served. Meaning that i would have to get someone to get over there in the morning and stand their ground till we show up. Wedding is set to be at 2 pm. 

I am internally freaking out. I am ok with showing up and just having my ceremony there fine. But I have invitations to get printed and sent out etc. Ladies any and all advice is great. 



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