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SOS The Knot Gift Reminder Email

Hi all - I just found out that, for wedding websites built on the Knot, the Knot automatically sends out an email about a month before your wedding reminding your guests to buy you a gift from your registry! I find this incredibly tacky/grabby and am mortified that my guests will be receiving this email.

I emailed customer service asking them to turn off this option for my website, but they simply said "Unfortunately that is not an option we offer at this time." If I had known about this feature I would have absolutely chosen a different site to host my wedding website, but unfortunately the Save the Dates with our URL are already in the mail. Just want to warn all of you out there so you can choose a different service if you don't want this feature. Is it just me or should there be an option to turn that feature off?

Re: SOS The Knot Gift Reminder Email

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    I am assuming this only works if you use your website for RSVPs? DD had her wedding website on the knot but no such reminder was sent out because they didn't have her guests' email addresses.
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    You're right, that's so gift grabby and embarrassing!

    You can still remove all the email addresses that you've provided, so they have no one to email. If they're going to send this, I'm pretty sure they're also selling the email addresses, so it's probably good to pull them anyway. You still have time to switch to regular RSVPs, or if you're dead set on an online version, you can have your guests email a dummy address that you set up. 
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