Cold feet? Tired of planning? Should I be doing this ?

Im 30, we've been engaged now for 2 months and I'm tired of planning this and paying all these deposits. It's one after another, all theses details and the more I've been planning the less I want to continue. I work a second job and that money was going towards fixing up my house , but now it's all going to the wedding. (-He has his own house) I told my fiancé he needed to get a second job but he said he would try and that his mother offered to pay. ( something that I'm not ok with, and I told him that) 
He is close with his family and I really don't have much family ( my parents passed away in my 20s) , so the weekly family dinners is something new for me even after being together for a year now.

The more I plan the it seems the more adjatuated I become it seems. Our sex life is so boring. He's lacks confidence ( he's a healthy weight) and is not stimulating if we have a conversation. We can have a meal and it's alway the same questions / format. 
Is this somthing to look forward to? Or am I just hyper sensitive with wedding planning?? Maybe we just need to elope? 

Re: Cold feet? Tired of planning? Should I be doing this ?

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