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Renting sound system

Has anyone had success with renting their own sound system and skipping a dj? 

Re: Renting sound system

  • My daughter is a professional singer/performer.  Her stage partner set up his professional sound equipment, and ran a IPOD of pre-selected tunes.  When an announcement was needed, he quietly spoke into the microphone, with "The buffet is open for your enjoyment."  This was at a country club, and it worked out beautifully.  No smarmy wedding night jokes, and no embarrassment.
  • Yes. my cousin rented a full set of home theater system and asked friends to bring their favorite karaoke to the party. Everyone was very happy with this decision and to me, it  is a great experience. He rented it from freeman audio. (They have some big toys with them ideal for out need )
           Some of his friends were very much knowledgeable in this field and know how to operate it. If you are planning to implement the same idea it is advisable to seek some help from those friends who is having good knowledge to operate such instruments.  
          One thing I can assure you is that party was really a great one I ever attended and was filled with so much of fun. 
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