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  • banana468 said:
    MandyMost said:
    I don't think it's wrong for a vegan couple to serve an entirely vegan meal, even if they're the only vegans and they have 200 guests. The same as I don't think it's wrong for a couple who don't drink to not serve alcohol.

    However, I would definitely question the motivations a bit. Like, if the couple just happens to not drink it would seem weird for them not serving alcohol, but if they were recovering alcoholics it would make a lot of sense. Same thing with the food--if the couple are vegan because of animal cruelty, etc., then it makes sense to not serve any animal products, but if they just happen to eat that way it would seem a bit odd to me.

    To above bolded: I don't see how that would be weird. My FI and I don't drink. I don't plan on serving alcohol. It's expensive, and not something we do, and then you have to worry about guests' safety if they overindulge.

    To the OP, we're also considering breakfast foods for our reception, because it's something important to us, and has personal significance to us. But I'm angling for a brunch wedding so that the breakfast fits. We'll see.

    I think we discussed this in another thread but there's a difference between just 'not drinking' and not having it for your guests.

    I don't drink diet sodas but I have them in my home for guests.

    You should think of some social expectations for your very own circle / family when making that determination.

    Similarly, you could also only offer fish for your meal.   Many won't eat it or won't like it but there's nothing *wrong* on paper with that choice. 

    There is another thread about this topic in the Etiquette board (Are Dry Weddings Unfair to Guests?). I read through that thread, but I don't think I commented on it. The consensus was that it is not rude to not provide alcohol at a wedding. We plan on providing a wide variety of beverages, so having no alcohol at my wedding should be fine, as we plan to host our guests well.

    ETA: I went back to that other thread and read it all the way through. It seems alcohol has different meaning to some circles. In my family/friend circle, it'll be fine. I didn't realize it was a "know your people" thing. I guess if you're used to something, you sometimes assume other people are too. I've been to both kinds of weddings (dry and open bar), and our people don't care either way. Most of us are religious.

    I am only half-way on board with this. T

    here are people on these boards who think you need to provide it if your crowd normally has it at functions and others who think you just make your own decision based on what you can afford and go with it. I tend do to agree more with the latter, but I do understand where people are coming from with the former.

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