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Thailand on a budget?

Has anyone been to Thailand?  Fi mentioned he was interested in going there, but I'm not sure it is in the budget.  Any advice appreciated. 

Re: Thailand on a budget?

  • Thailand is really cheap once you get there. If you can find decently priced flights, it's so easy to stay within a budget. Use agoda(dot)com for finding hotels and you can fly within the country for cheap on their airlines or take a sleeper train (we did coach class and it was an experience lol). Seriously. It can be really cheap aside from the initial flights. 
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    Flights to and from Thailand are long, expensive, and difficult.   Be sure that you really want to do this.

    I, personally, was uncomfortable being the rich American tourist in a poor country.  This also bothered my husband, who walked around more than I did.  The Thai people are polite, devout, and with a fascinating culture, but seeing their standard of living can be shocking. The resorts are a world away from the local people.  If this doesn't bother you, then Thailand can be a great destination.

    I preferred Bali.  I didn't see as much shocking poverty, and there was just as many cultural diversions, which is something I enjoy.  Great beaches in Bali, too.
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