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Swarovski hotfixx? Any experience

I went to Joann's yesterday to get some ideas for centerpieces/decorations. I found some good ideas but the thing I was most excited about was this hotfixx thing. Never heard of it before yesterday, but I looked it up on YouTube. Looks fairly easy, thinking about using it to add bling to my shoes. I was also thinking of adding bling(blue Swarovski)to my veil(not yet purchased) anyone have any experience?

Re: Swarovski hotfixx? Any experience

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    I had never heard of it but the reviews look pretty favorable. Before you try using it on your actual shoes or veil, I would test/practice on shoes you don't care about and a piece of fabric similar to your veil. 

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    Shoes should be doable but agree with @southernbelle0915 to test on a piece of fabric similar to your veil. Less might also be more with something like this.
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    I use Swarovski on my figure skating dresses, including the mesh area but always test before you start gluing anything on. Plan out the pattern before doing any gluing, use a pencil to mark where the crystals should be as they will move all over the place as soon as you start to work. Depending on the material, it takes longer than the instructions recommends, especially with the first few. Oh, make sure you are using a hard surface underneath and not folding up the veil without a barrier or it might stick to itself!
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