California-Los Angeles

DJ - Luis Castro (Rhythmic Productions)

My fiancé and I were referred by a friend to Luis and met him in early October (our wedding is in April) and our initial reaction was he is going to be perfect for our wedding, and as most people mentioned, the price was right which was definitely an incentive for us as well. Well...there is a reason that his price point is less than everyone else's, and it is because once he feels as though he has locked you in, it's a complete 180 experience. Luis has no website or videos for anyone to get an idea of his work, so he agreed (after we asked) that we could attend one of his events to see him in action. Months went by and there was one excuse after another about why this couldn't take place even though we told him this would be the deciding factor to move forward. He finally told us there was a friend's wedding we could attend. We waited the entire day to receive the details of where to meet him, and he never got back to us at all and later told us he "forgot". We also emailed him multiple times requesting a signed contract, to no avail. 3 weeks went by and we texted and called him and he told us he thought he sent it, but it was stuck in his "draft emails". We still agreed to meet in person again and gave him a deposit in good faith (which he cashed), but still did not email us or bring a copy of a signed contract in person! After a few months, we started to get worried and decided that due to his nonchalant and dismissive behavior, we would move forward with another DJ company. We promptly let Luis know of our decision and he emailed us back refusing to return our deposit, which is highly unethical because there is still to date no signed contract by either party and our wedding date is 3 months away, so there is no basis to keep our money. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so please save yourselves the stress, and go with tried and true professionals. Luis is great at presenting well at first and we have heard that he mixes well at events, but our experience has been horrendous to say the least. We now have to waste time and money to take him to small claims court in order to get our deposit back...exactly what every bride and groom dreams of happening while planning a wedding!
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