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So I need to start meeting with seamstresses to get alterations on my gown.  I have literally no idea what you are supposed to wear under a wedding dress.... I know there is different underwear/garments but I haven't the slightest clue what they are or how to find what will work.  I'm sure I'm supposed to wear whatever I plan to wear to the fitting appointments so I should probably get moving on that...  Can anyone help me?

My gown is a fit and flare style.  It fits just fit in the bust and waist (minus I need more boobs) but is VERY snug on the hips.  I'm hoping it can be let out a little but am also wondering if an undergarment can bring me in a bit or if that would just add too much extra in fabric.

Any help?

Re: Underthings

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    I would expect if it's that snug in the hips, she's going to let it out. 

    Personally, I would only take/wear a girdle if I wanted or needed it for shaping purposes because they're not the most comfortable and they always seem to want to roll down. 

    In other underwear, go for function over sexy.
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    what you wear under your gown is up to you.  I agree with lovesclimbing to go for a reliable pair of undies over some sexy lace things that will roll down while your walking around/dancing.  It sounds like you are thinking of something along the spanx, but they only smooth out so much.  If your dress is "very" tight your seamstress will likely let out the fabric a bit and the spanx will become unnecessary. 

    I am large chested, so I wore a long line bra under my gown and a practical pair of panties.  I changed into sexier items later on when it was just us on the HM.

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    I wore beige spanx and stickies - so sexy. I mean, I just did what was functional since it was going to be a long day and then I had a swanky get up for the hotel room that I just changed into later.

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    I just wore a pair of nude coloured underwear that already had and didn't need a bra with my dress.

    You could also ask your seamstress what kind of undergarments might go best with your dress. She has probably seen it all and might know the best options.

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    Uh I wore a pair of my everyday underwear and a strapless bra. You don't have to wear something different or specific or bridal, just something that doesn't show through the dress...
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    Thank you!  It feels like a stupid question now but I seemed to have an inkling that there was a particular structured item needed... I'm much happier and regular old undies.  I appreciate the help!
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