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Recently engaged- venue searching

Hi guys!

I recently became engaged in November and started venue hunting. Our max budget is 10k for everything for about 150 guests. We've found venues that would do well with it- mainly banquet halls, since outdoor venues such as barns become expense with all the outsourcing. My question is, to those that have done banquet halls wedding have you done expensive photographers even though the "view" isn't all that grand? Or have you gotten a basic photographer to just capture moments and not the view a hotel/outdoor venue would lend itself too?

Also- does anyone have any other suggestions outside of banquet halls? I fell in love with Ranch Believe however, once I started adding up catering, alcohol, dress, etc I would be way over 10k. 

Thank you!

Re: Recently engaged- venue searching

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    Hi :) I actually live in California, and out here it's really challenging to do a wedding in that price range - so my advice to you would be to reduce your guest count. That is one way to make things cheaper, also if you're open to a day other than Saturday evening, the venues you like will probably have a better deal if a Friday, Saturday day, Sunday or weekday. Negotiate as well. Look for venues that do not charge a "venue rental fee" but only a food and beverage minimum and if you do it on a day other than Saturday night the minimum will most likely be MUCH cheaper. You could also look into something low key, like a beach wedding or do a backyard wedding if you know someone with a stunning home. Photographer - wedding photographers are expensive. If you hire a professional, they should know how to make whatever venue you select event a courthouse, look beautiful. Shop around for deals, maybe try Thumbtack website or to save go to a local photography school and hire someone wanting to gain wedding experience if you concerned with pricing.

    Also, with a banquet hall you are probably going to have to dress it up a lot. You might want to look for outdoor venues or restaurants that host weddings with a garden terrace or something. I am doing my wedding at an outdoor winery. One of the reasons we selected this venue, other than pricing flexibility, is because you don't have to dress it up too much. It honestly is beautiful as is. Keep that in mind while searching :) You'll find the right spot. If you budget is a strict $10K for everything that might be tough - but do an intimate guest count, only host the bar for an hour or two, or only host one type of beverage - and utilize the beautiful outdoors. Remember at the end of the day those who love you will be there for you not all the details and decor.

    Good luck!
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    i went to Smith & Wollensky on Miami beach for a graduation dinner a while back. beautiful view and depending on the day, they might be able to meet that budget, but i thinks its a tough budget for 150 guests. i bumped into some wedding planners at a show that do venues in out of the norm places i can send you some names if you want.
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