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Help!!! What did I get myself into?? Marth's Vineyard 9-2-17

So we put our planning on hold for a while. As luck would have we  decided now is the time. Luckily my first venue had actually held onto our date... However it is this Labor Martha's great I have a venue, and possibly a photographer and possibly a caterer. One would say... wow You arde Lucky, but I am left worrying noone will be able to attend. Lodging is going to be a huge issue due to the hoilday weekend, also most of the island homes are already booked, and if my guests did come they would have to pay Ferry, and Lodging for a 2 night minimum due to the Holiday...What are my options? Anyone else have some experience with this? Can they stay off island? Should I rent a shuttle to shuttle people back to our local town from the ferry? Oh and we are on a Strict BUDGET!...

Re: Help!!! What did I get myself into?? Marth's Vineyard 9-2-17

  • I attended a wedding on Block Island a couple of years back. There were similar circumstances - 2-night minimum and limited availability. The bride and groom charted a boat to shuttle 10 or 12 of us back to the mainland after the wedding. The boat wasn't anything fancy or comfortable. I think it was a charter fishing boat. It really didn't matter though because it was a beautiful night and the ride was pleasant.

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