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Crown Back Banquet Chairs

Hello! My venue has crown back banquet chairs and I am curious to know what your experiences are with theses chairs in regards to using chair covers. I want to buy my own because it is, for the most part depending on style, cheaper and also so my two sisters can use them down the road. I already asked the venue and they directed me to the vendor they use, the vendor would not give me any information on what kind of cover they use other than it is scuba material and it fits nicely, scuba covers run usually over three dollars a peice. I have seen products for sale that say they fit the chair but the picture is of a round chair, so I didn't want to jump on-board too quickly. I am looking at regular polyester chair covers and since they don't necessarily stretch that is why I am in this dilemma, if all else fails I will end up going with the universal/pillowcase style, which I find to be lovely look (no antiquated chair sash needed!) but my mom hates them. Below is a picture of the chairs I am working with for reference. Thanks you in advance for any help!

Re: Crown Back Banquet Chairs

  • Those chairs look a lot nicer than many I've seen people complain about here. @geebee908 has good tips about whether people will notice and how quickly they get messed up, even when there's a spandex fit involved.

    Unless you plan to frame your photographer's one shot of the banquet hall before the guests arrive, I wouldn't spend money on this.
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