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Diet Tips While Shredding For The Wedding....Thank you!

Hello. So I have been trying to get in shape for my wedding which is now 2 months away and I am getting so discouraged. I was hoping I could run my story by you all and see what you think....

A little background info so you understand:  I have been working out 3 to 4x a week usually after work when time permits and almost half the time I work out with my fiance for the added motivation and support and that extra push! I have had a gym membership and tried my best to get in a routine for over 5 years but with my crazy busy schedule I fall off the wagon sometimes. I also struggled for almost 6 years with horrible anorexia and so I have body issues naturally. I was put on medication and have now gained weight to where I am unhappy (Everyone else says I'm skinny and look pretty good but I want better!) . And it all goes to my mid-section and I swear my stupid hips are huge and widened dumb pesky hips!

Anyway since we got engaged last June I have been meal prepping healthy low fat meals usually steak, chicken, fish and occasionally pork with rice or quinoa and a veggie and sweet potato...I also have been packing healthier snacks like fruit, carrots, celery with peanut butter, smart popcorn, pretzels or reduced guilt pitas chips with hummus, juice with BCAAs mixed in, and more. Lately I still feel starving after a meal or a few snacks...My meds increase my appetite but they are for my horrible anxiety and bipolar and I can't really be without them right now and I have been on them like 10 years....My weight always fluctuates....

I am currently 5ft2in and 112lbs (in the last month I gained 7lbs (some I think is muscle, but I wanna lose my pesky tummy chubbiness) and my fiance is 5'9 and 235lbs....I would love to shred a little fat and gain a little muscle, get toned up a bit for our honeymoon, and even out my frame. (My problem is I snack at my desk all day at work! In addition, I get a half hour lunch break for a prepped meal and water and then two 15 minutes breaks also) My fiance wants to lose about 25lbs of fat and and tone up a bit. He already has big muscles! (He works 2 full time jobs so he eats a lot on the go or on his breaks he heats up a prepped meal)

My questions are: 1. Can you recommend snacks that satisfy but are lower in fat and calories and possibly high in protein but easy on the go? Are the Complete cookies any good for you? how about the egg white chips? 2. We aren't big egg eaters so what are other good breakfast on the go ideas? I recently became a breakfast eater as I heard its important! 

Any other advice is appreciated and sorry this was so long! 

Re: Diet Tips While Shredding For The Wedding....Thank you!

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    Is your doctor aware that you want to lose weight?   I think you should consult your doctor before trying to lose weight, given your history.
    Have you considered Weight Watchers?  They have a sensible program for losing weight.
    My husband has recently been told that he is now diabetic, and he is losing weight quickly now that he is limiting his carbohydrates.  He is very frustrated because he loves snacks, chips, crackers, bread, and fried foods.  Now he takes a baggie with carrot sticks and celery when he goes on his hikes.
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    Ditto talking to your doctor. They can probably help you figure out a routine that will help given your history and body. And likely refer you to a nutritionist if needed, too. 

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    I agree with everyone here, that before you change anything you need to consult your doctor. You're eating balanced feels, but still feeling full, you're at an already quite low weight. It definitely sounds like you need to check in with your doctor to ensure this is even healthy for you to do. 

    Also, there's so much pressure to do "shedding for the wedding" (I HATE that phrase), but you want to look like you, you want to feel like you, and be happy and healthy on your wedding day. Don't lose sight of your heath and your happiness for some ridiculous idea that you need to lose weight just for one day. 
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    Talk to your doctor about your concerns. It is not safe for you to be restricting calories unsupervised. 
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    Food as fuel.  I highly recommend talking with some competitive bodybuilders who've been where your at in the battle with disordered eating and anorexia to see the beauty that is the other side from someone who's been there.  Stop looking in the mirror for now, stop stepping on the scale and focus on being healthy.  Also, call up your team who knows what you're dealing with and how to approach things from a your best health standpoint (i.e. docs, therapist, coach, etc.).  Chances are that weight is muscle, which is GREAT, but with muscle requires consuming the additional calories to take care of looking good just as you'd put premium into a high end sports car.  Focus on health!  You really will look beautiful on your wedding day whether you're wearing a flour sack dress or your wedding gown!  
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    It sounds like you're eating a well-balanced and healthy diet, so I would not try to cut calories without talking to your doctor and/or a dietician. I would encourage you to really listen to your body by paying attention when you eat- learn to feel when your body is telling you that you are full. And if you feel hungry- go ahead and eat!

    If what you want is to build muscle- then focus on that- weight lifting- not the food aspect. Get a few sessions with a trainer at the gym if you feel like you are not seeing the results you want. It's OK to fall off the wagon from time to time- we all do, and sometimes you need to prioritize other aspects of your life- that's OK. The important part is you get back on the wagon again. Don't beat yourself up over it, just get back to it again when you're ready. Instead of making exercise a punishment (I *need* to exercise because I ate too much, or I *need* to exercise because I'm getting married in 2 months), focus on the reason why you WANT to exercise (because it makes me feel good after, because I want to be stronger) and you will go to the gym because you want to, it will become part of your healthy lifestyle.

    I also hate the "I need to lose weight for my wedding!!!" mindset. It's great if you have a goal, whether that is weight loss or strength building/whatever, but that goal should be part of your lifestyle, not a means to an end. Generally when people follow a diet or exercise plan for one specific event/time/purpose, it is usually something intense and drastic, and while it make work for that time, it is not sustainable.

    I hope you are seeking some counseling to work your thoughts related to body image. Bodies are amazing and can do amazing things are various shapes and sizes. It would be sad if on your wedding day you felt bad about yourself because you didn't loose X pounds when you are leading a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise.

    As for your breakfast question, oatmeal is low in fat, high in soluble fiber which is good for your cholesterol, and you can add in cinnamon that helps regulate your blood sugar levels. Yogurt- namely Greek yogurt. High in fat, yes, but very high in protein, and fat is not a bad word. I have had a couple friends with significant food allergies/Celiac disease who eat the same food for breakfast that they would eat for lunch or dinner- some sort of grain with vegetables. And in other cultures, breakfast is rice with fish and/or vegetables, so go ahead and eat what you like for breakfast!

    You could buy some protein shakes for breakfast, or make your own, but personally I find while a good snack, they really don't fill me up to cover a meal. I also watched on a daytime TV show where one group of people was given a fruit smoothie for breakfast and a second group of people the exact same ingredients and amount of food whole as in the smoothie group, then measured their blood sugar and had them rate their satiety 2 hours later. The smoothie group's blood sugar dropped more than the "whole food" group and the whole food group reported feeling fuller for longer.

    Personally, I prefer to stay away from pre-made snacks; stick with whole ingredients you can buy at the grocery store- fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, grains, dairy (and meat for meals). Pre-made snacks often have a lot unnecessary ingredients in them, are more expensive, and you have to watch the sugar, fat, sodium and calorie contents. For example, a Cliff Builder's Protein bar has 20g of protein, but also 9g of fat, 200mg of sodium, 21g of sugar and 270 calories in one bar. Eating one every so often as part of a high intensity exercise routine is fine (the average person working out doesn't need a protein bar, protein shake or Gatorade), but everyday is a different story. I also find bars like these don't fill me up, so while 270 calories for breakfast is small, I know that won't hold me for long and I'll be eating much more than that.

    You can make your own no-bake energy bites/bars- tons of recipes on Pinterest. Often you freeze them, and then take them out to thaw and eat as needed.

    Pre-cut fruit and veggies in the fridge so they are ready to go. Add in a piece of cheese or tablespoon of peanut butter to up the protein. Yogurt. Hummus with veggies or pita. Avocado (though I can't eat it alone but some people do).

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    THANK YOU all so much!!! Great advice! I have consulted my doctor and they don't want me to lose or gain they said I'm at a healthy weight if I stay between 105-115... but i don't like my love handle stupid muffin top hips! My last dress fitting I weighed 12lbs less and loved it so heres hoping it still looks cute! Love all the snack ideas, thank you. I am working with a trainer as of recent who is helping me tone and gain muscle, but she said a lot of getting in shape is diet so I'm working on that too but not to an extreme by any means....its more my fiance who needs it and I want to help motivate him too....I am going to load up on some of your suggested snacks and breakfast foods whenever i get back to the store! Thanks again!!!!
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