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Is a caligraphy something that a lot of people use? Does anyone know any that are affordable?

Re: Caligraphy

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    From the vendors that I've looked at reccommended by the Knot it seems a little pricey.  Fortunately one of my close friends knows how to do calligraphy otherwise I would have hired and paid for a calligrapher.  My aunt just got married and she had hers done by a local art student referred to her by a friend, which of course didn't cost nearly as much as a professional.  Personally out of all the wedding invites I've gotton over the years I can't remember seeing one that was done by a professional calligrapher. 
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    A lot of people now use computer programs that look like caligraphy to address their invites. I haven't seen many hand written ones in awhile. Personally I love the hand written ones, but they can be pretty pricey.
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    Hi! I used calligraphy for my place cards at the wedding. They came out real nice. I used Mary Ellin Kurtz. She was affordable. I had like 80 place cards done for like 70 bucks. She's located near Islip area. let me know if you want her # or you can just google her. I think I found her on liweddings.com.
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    I second Mary Ellin Kurtz. i paid about $3 per envelope for roughly 50 hand calligraphy invites. She does them pretty fast.
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    Mary Ellin did My roomates wedding - they were amazing!!!  And she is great and easygoingto work with.
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    I'm definitely going to check her out - do we know normally how much it is at other places? I'm going to put her on my list but I also want to make sure I'm getting a good deal. $3 per invitation (for outer and inner envelope) is great but as I'm a new bride I don't really know.
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