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Large Coach Hire - 50 guests

Hi there

Does anyone know of any coach hire companies that have coaches which would seat about 50-60 people? 


Re: Large Coach Hire - 50 guests

  • Here's several options:

    Your use of 'coach' makes me wonder if you're coming from foreign country?  If so, just want to make sure you know that limo (coach) companies often quote pricing that does not include what will be a mandatory 20% gratuity, and possibly taxes, which I think is 8% in Clark County.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • Yes I sure am, I am coming from Scotland to get married in September 2018. 

    Thank you for your reply, I will use the link you sent.

  • That's awesome; 50 guests internationally is going to be so great!  My wife and I expected maybe a 30%-40% response when we decided to get married in Vegas from Florida, and next thing you know we had 90%+ and 125 guests.  Welcome to the site and definitely post any questions as you work your way through the process.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • We are hoping that we get 50 guests but like you say, it might end up being many more! Thats great, thank you! 
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