Had hair and make up trial, but now I want to change my idea completely

I had my hair and make up trial this Saturday. I went for a "Hollywood Glam" look for my hair - my hair was curled with the left side behind my ear and the right side curled to the front by my face. The curls were so pretty and lasted all day. 

My make up was pretty too. I told her that I usually do a lot of nude colors/brown for my make up. I keep it simple, but still use eyeliner on the top lid and mascara. She suggested we do my usual look but "amped up." The end result was beautiful.

She told me to see how I like it throughout the day and take pictures.

I had my first fitting that day too, so I was able to see it all together. I took pictures to see it all together at home. And even though I feel very pretty, I just didn't feel like it was me. The make up felt "too glam" for me. The whole look of my wedding feels very romantic and soft. I want to change it. With my hair, I felt that I was always trying to fix it. The curls didn't stay place, and I felt like I needed to keep my head still to not mess it up. I want to be carefree on the way I look on my wedding day. So I want to change that too. 

I feel bad, but is it okay if I email my hair and make up person saying I loved her work, and felt beautiful, but tell her my issues with it (felt too glam, didn't feel like myself, hair was a struggle keeping it in place/felt like i needed to keep fixing it). Does this mean I have another trial or suggest she come early on the day of just in case of issues? The changes I want to make are simple. I want my hair down and curled. My make up will be more of a soft natural look.
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