Saltwater Farm vs Jonathan Edwards Catering/Rentals


Veeerrrry frustrated bride here--trying to pick a venue for about 100 people with sights set on a vineyard. Both Saltwater Farm Vineyard and Jonathan Edwards are right up my alley, but I've having trouble wrapping my mind around the fees + unknown costs of catering/rentals and which option (if any) is more feasible. Hoping someone here can set me straight.

SWF: Quoted me a $12,000 site fee for a peak Saturday [kill me], excluding ceremony. It includes chairs and tables, a bridal suite for the day, a stage area for band/dj, a couple attendants. There's some off-peak site fee rates and Friday/Sunday discounts, as well. (8,500 for a peak Friday, to give you an idea)

J.E: $8,000 site fee, including use of their tent + ceremony. Everything else needs to be rented through one of their caterers, including a dance floor.

I've reached out to both venue's preferred caterers (Coastal Gourmet, A Thyme To Cook, Gourmet Galley, Russell Morin) and they've given value pp estimates (150-165/pp?), but without hard final numbers in front of me, what I can really expect in terms of non-site fee costs (catering, tables/chairs/glassware/china/linens)? Is paying a higher site fee worth the cost, when tables/chairs are included? 

Re: Saltwater Farm vs Jonathan Edwards Catering/Rentals

  • I think you really need to sit down and create a spreadsheet.

    Assume 100 people at each location and determine exactly what you need to have at each.  

    Also figure out whether or not the discount is worth your headache.   We toyed with a venue like JE but ultimately there was something SUPER EASY about showing up and knowing that the only thing we needed to bring in were people.
  • I am in the same boat as you! What did you end up deciding?!
  • We ended up going with Saltwater, on a Friday. The caterers seems to all be within the same ballpark, and the cost of a dance floor (and maybe a restroom trailer), which would be needed at Jonathan Edwards, kind of made up the difference in the site fee.

    Also, I personally liked the grounds of Saltwater a lot more, and although I always envisioned a tented wedding, the reception space at Saltwater was unique and we both connected to it. It's a bit of a safer option, weather-wise, too, and there's heating and bathrooms and such.

    All in all, I'd figure out which one you LIKE better, and weigh the pros and cons.
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