Wedding Woes

This is me today.

I'm just going to say we were flying out of New York. Nuff said. No Ireland for me.

Heffa, get the trip insurance.

Re: This is me today.

  • It was a block at every turn with flights delays on Friday, missed Dublin fight by 30 minutes, no seats on any other flights, blizzard. Aer Lingus Sucks.

    The Lord was trying to tell me to go home. I listened, yo. Thank Goodness for trip protection through my credit card for weather.

    WON'T BE DO IT!!!!!!!
  • I'm so sorry Nola!  :( That sucks! 

    It's not too early for your favorite adult beverage.  
  • Mom, and I did have fun in cold ass N.Y.. We saw a play, had a great dinner with good wine. Laughed and fussed a lot and made a great memory.

  • Damn you weather! :(
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  • Bummer! Good call on the insurance though! Glad you and your mom were able to make some good memories.
  • 6fsn6fsn
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    Booooo. I'm sorry Nola. 
  • That really stinks, @NOLABridesmaid!!
  • thefanciestbecklerthefanciestbeckler Chattanooga, TN
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    I'm so disappointed for you! That sucks. I'm glad y'all had a good time in NY at least. 

  • Boo! I'm so sorry, NOLA. :'(
  • CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs
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    So sorry to hear that, @Nolabridesmaid.  Did you plan to go now for some St. Patrick's Day celebration? (I think I missed your post about this)  Why don't you drive over to Boston?  :) 

    I'm flying Aer lingus in May for Dublin too.  I didn't get the insurance :( 

  • DOH!!!!  I'm disappointed for you.  That is so awful to be looking forward to a big trip and have it fall apart.

    I was in the airport yesterday with a layover in LAX.  We kept overhearing stories of people stranded.

    I've only had that happen once, but luckily it was on the trip home.  My layover from CA was in Dallas and that airport had shut down completely at 1PM due to high winds and didn't start flights out again until the next day.  So I was stuck in CA.  Total insanity when you think about how many flights go through Dallas.  At first, the airline was telling me it would be 4 days before I could get a flight home.  But, after the dust settled, it ended up only being two days.  "Only", lol. 

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