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Grandfather/granddaughter dance

Hi! I'm in need of a few suggestions...
 My father is he absolute greatest and he will be giving me away at my wedding as well as doing the father/daughter dance. I've been considering a grandfather/granddaughter dance as well. My biological grandfathers have both passed on but my grandmother has remarried when I was in middle school. I do not call him my grandfather but he is a part of our family. As such I've been considering adding a dance with him. I think this would mean a ton to him since both his own biological daughters are estranged from him due to family dynamics that happened before he joined ours; he never had a father/daughter dance.
Right now we only have two - first dance and father/daughter since my fiancés mother has passed. My concern is that I don't want this dance to overshadow my father/daughter dance. Any suggestions? Maybe do the dance later on in the evening? 

Re: Grandfather/granddaughter dance

  • I would just be sure to dance with him later. Not a spotlight dance but if there is a song special to the 2 of you make sure the DJ plays it. The DJ could even say something, "This one is for you Pop Pop" while you ask him to dance, but the dance floor would still be open to everyone else. 
    I would do it this way because, frankly, 3 spotlight dances are plenty and watching the same person dance 3 times becomes a little AWish, imo. 
  • I agree with everything @missJeanLouise said. I think 3 spotlight dances for the same person is too much. Maybe have him choose a song he loves, have the DJ play it earlier in the evening and dance with him. No need to clear the dance floor, but give your photographer a heads up so they can photograph it. 
  • SP29SP29
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    Agree with the above. Special song- yes. DJ announcement- yes. Spotlight dance- no.
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