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How is this a thing?


Re: How is this a thing?

  • I am with Charlotte except for One lady who sells makeup. She isn't overly pushy but she posts a selfie pretty frequently to show off how well it wears/ a new pallette/ whatever and she SUCKS at makeup. Like the product *might* be really good but she makes it look horrible. 
  • @thisismynickname, I disagree a bit.  I would call someone who sells items as an independent contractor (or whatever the agreement is) as self-employed.  It might be more, and usually is, a side-gig income.  But its still self employment.  It just might not be very fruitful self employment.  Though I have an acquaintance who's been selling Mary Kay since the early, needless to say she has a huge clientele...and she makes about $60K/year, part-time.

    With that said, nobody "deserves" support.  Sure.  If  friend is MLMing and has an item(s) I want to buy anyway, OF COURSE I'll buy that item from my friend.  But unless they are MLMing stuff I actually electricity or car's doubtful I'll buy anything.  Because I already have too much clutter.  I don't need more "crap".  And I'm not buying something I don't really need just to "support my friend's business".  That's ridiculous.

    And the same is true if they opened a brick/mortar store.


    On a different note.  I might get flamed for this but, unless a person is going to the gym or something, I don't think leggings are appropriate public wear.  I think they're just too casual and find them more akin to wearing pajamas in public.   I know I'm in the minority!  But I can't help it.  I'm also biased because I can't stand to wear leggings myself.  I actually don't find them comfortable at all.  To me, they feel more like wearing thick pantyhose, than something comfy I want to lounge around in.  Like sweats (also not something I'd wear in public, unless I'm exercising).

    I wear leggings as tights. Only in the summer, I can wear them with my ballet flats or sandals in the office with my dresses because it's the arctic, then take them off and throw them in my purse to walk home. 
  • I don't care about leggings as pants to a certain degree.   If they're workout wear you should look like you're dressed for a work out.   And if you're wearing them as pants the top shirt should cover the tush.

    I will wear leggings as pants with a long sweater that covers the crotch area or as tights with a dress.   I WILL NOT wear them with a shirt that leaves camel to exposed.

    And I don't own patterned leggings like LLR.   They're honestly not my style.   I've wanted to like some of the skirts or dresses but so many of the patterns are hideous.
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    I have a pair of WHBM leggings that get mistaken for real pants all the time.  They are pretty thick as far as leggings go and they are magical.  

  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana member
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    levioosa said:
    I have a pair of WHBM leggings that get mistaken for real pants all the time.  They are pretty thick as far as leggings go and they are magical.  
    I love their leggings! Yes they are more like pants. I would never wear them with a short top though. I only wear leggings with a long top or sweater unless of course I'm working out. Even then I don't wear super short tops.
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