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Re: What could possibly go wrong?

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    So lets see you can:
    A.  Get lit on fire by your clumsy friend?
    B.  Trip on your aisle runner while your guests are stuck on allergy induced haybales...(btw I think all aisle runners are tripping hazardous as I have only seen them NOT trip someone at one a wedding!)
    C.  Start your married life off like a couple at a frat party
    D.  Risk twisting/breaking an ankle so you can hold up the train of your overlords BFFs wedding dress on a wall in huge heels.

    Do I get a redo because I didn't have these pics taken???

    I get that people want to be unique and have special photos that represent them but you don't have to be all crazy to get them.  Some of my favorite shots from my wedding were candids from when we were goofing off waiting for the ceremony to start.  (My longtime BFF and I were practicing some awesome dance moves in the room...such as the "shopping cart", "the sprinkler" and of course, "the lawnmower"!) Even the "posed" shots can be fun and relaxed.  I even crossed out some of the more popular ones on my photographers list because I didn't want to make everyone jump in the air in heels! (for example).

    ETF: Apparently I can't get this site to make a smiley face :) but it will turn the D and : into a surprised face just fine!

  • Meh - I've seen the sparkler thing.   A friend did this from her November wedding and it was the shape of a heart.   Pretty - elegant - no cluster fuck of someone running around you.
  • I don't really get what's so wrong about an aisle runner honestly. I could see where this one would be more of a hazard since it is set up on grass and not on solid ground. 

    The flip cup thing is hilarious. Haha. 
  • - sparklers are risky, but could work depending on the dress. Poofy dress? Maybe not. Sparklers are common lately, but I think it'd look better as an exit or neat picture with wedding party

    - runner depends. If they hold it down then it could be fine. I trip over solid ground, so it wouldn't matter ;)

    - cup idea depends on the couple

    - just standing there as if you're walking could work. Not actually walking on there unless you're really good
  • LOL I was just making a bit of a rough "shots list" for my photographer yesterday and saw the same sparkler one. I thought it was kind of cool but probably impractical. 

    I don't love aisle runners in general, and I think the burlap would have to be fastened down better than that. 

    I think beer pong is best left in the realm of college parties. It would make most of my guests side-eye the hell out of the B&G

    The trend of making bridesmaids do ridiculous poses/locations needs to die. What's wrong with just standing together with a nice background?
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    @KnotRiley, vendor alert.
  • I'm brand spankin' new here, but I can already tell we're gonna get along just fine.  Hello, new snarky bride friends.  :)
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