Wedding Woes

WTF? No. Just, no.


Re: WTF? No. Just, no.

  • @firestar-2  I admire your bunny's training ;) Wanna come train my cats? We're debating on harnessing them but that will go hellish :D
  • @leviossa @firestar-2 Hooray, other bunny owners!  My bunnies have a massive pen as well, and this year I'm planning to build them a different one, since theirs is getting a little old.  They get to run around in my backyard when I'm home and demolish all my plants.  I took mine to a beach on a leash once - he loved the beach but hated the harness.  He was a bit of an escape artist too, so I gave up on the  leash for him.  Yours sounds so cute to like her harness so much!

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