Flowers in and around Plymouth, Ma

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had some input on flowers around Plymouth, Ma. I am getting married at Indian Pond Country Club next April. Any suggestions on affordable and beautiful flower arraignments will be great. Thank you!

Re: Flowers in and around Plymouth, Ma

  • I am going to move this to the local board and leave a re-direct link here.

    In general re. choosing a florist, if you have zero leads/referrals, email a few that are close to your venue(s) and ask to meet with them. When you meet with them, ask to see examples of their work, tell them your budget and ask (approximately) what they might be able to do for you within your budget. Ask about delivery fees and vase rental fees/logistics. If you have specific requests, such as flowers for your cake, a flower crown, petals for your FG, mini arrangements for displays, or a desire for specific flowers to be used, be sure to mention it. Ask the same questions of each florist and then decide which one you're comfortable using. 

  • Beach Plum Floral is where I'm getting mine. . . Its in Marshfield 
    I heard that JN floral  and Gregory James is good too! Kingston/Carver may have some good deals since that are "smaller towns" . Plymouth can get very expansive.
    p.s. Indian Pond is wonderful! you're gonna have a great time :)  
  • I think most florist travel?  I have found this amazing florist, Petal and Crumb, Her flowers are to die for.  She did my friends wedding and I don't think I have seen more beautiful flowers.  Think Winstons but more affordable and WAY prettier!  I am planning on using her and hoping her prices don't go up too much by 2019!

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