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  • @WinstonsGirl we have those little free libraries popping up around town too. They are so cute - and what a great idea for getting rid of all those extra books.
  • We had one go missing in our city.  It said Free Library, and someone took the entire box!!  It was later returned.  Oops

  • A friend put one in her yard and someone either knocked it down or vandalized it  I forget which. But she put it back up 
  • I love the little libraries!  The Detroit Police Department is putting them up at each precinct. 

    There was one in our neighborhood, but it's gone now, not sure why. 
  • We found our little library at the end of our street when we were geocaching.  Apparently our little library is also a geocache. 

  • I have never heard of or seen little libraries.  What a great idea!  I love it.
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  • We have one at the park at the end of our street.
  • THe kiddo wanted to put up a free library a few years ago--it's at Nana's house, because our road is to damn busy...but nana's house it to damn in the sticks, so it's warm fuzzies and sorely underutilized.

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