Groom manicure in Green Bay/fox valley

hey all.  I frequently get hang nails, dead skin on heels, etc. so I have been thinking about a manicure/pedicure before the ceremony/honeymoon.  I know our photographer likes close up ring on hands shots, so I'd like to not look like my normal nails cut by chainsaw look.  I will also be getting the garden ready prior to the wedding, so I know my hands a feet will be through the ringer prior to the ceremony.  The problem is I have no idea where to go in Appleton/Green Bay area as a guy and how much to expect to pay.  I don't want polish on the nails.  Thanks for any guidance

Re: Groom manicure in Green Bay/fox valley

  • Fox River Mall has a good place - not sure the name of it.  A habit change is your first priority.  Anywhere that does nails is a place you can go.  But, the thing to remember is overall nail health, you need to be proactive about not messing with your nails starting now with only a proper clipper or file.  Start taking some Biotin to help condition the nails as well as go get checked/properly treated by your MD/PA if you're dealing with infections from the hang nails.  
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