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Cake Topper suggestions?

Anyone have suggestions, besides Etsy, for cute and custom cake toppers?

I typically don't buy stuff online so I have limited knowledge of all the cool and fun places to buy goodies! 

Re: Cake Topper suggestions?

  • What kind of look/feel/theme do you want?  Party supply stores like Party City or Michaels will sell more traditional/run of the mill options.  Sites that specialize in personalization might have a few more specific options such as things that can be monogrammed.  I think to give you more specific information, I'd need to know what you are looking to have.  In general, Etsy is my go-to for custom crafted pieces.

  • My "cake topper" was a ring holder that I found at Urban Outfitters, and was basically two rabbits snuggling, but it looked very elegant to me and fit our personalities.  If you're looking for something outside of "Bride and Groom," check out stores that sell home decor.
  • I got ours off eBay. 
  • DD had flowers on top of hers. The florist did them.
  • Walmart and Target both have selections of cake toppers that range from the traditional figurines to words and hearts.
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  • My FI just wants something that says "Mr. & Mrs." and if it looks good the last name. 

    and it's got to be gold :blush: 

    I'll check out all the suggestions and do more looking on etsy. All the ones we end up liking are reviewed to be flimsy or not worth the price/shipping.

    Thanks y'all!
  • I can't remember where we got ours, I can look it up if it is something that you want, but we got one of those plastic silhouette toppers with our last names and pets on them like this:
    Image result for silhouette cake topper with dogs

    It was great and elegant on top of our cake, I'd recommend them to others, and they often can color the plastic to gold. I had a lot of compliments. 
  • Wilton has a TON of ideas, Ebay! as well.  ICES (International Cake Exploration Societe') has a ton of artists who do custom cake toppers or you could talk with your baker as they may make them as well or they may be networked with someone who does.  Sam's Club sells gumpaste flowers by the box which make for an additional element on cake.  It really depends on what YOU personally want and your budget.  Ask yourself what you plan to do with it after the wedding.  
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    cake topper was one of my favorite things to plan!  So much so, I had two cakes :)   we got the silhouette topper like @justsie has mentioned through amazon.  Custom made.  QUICK and inexpensive.  posted here:

    edit: I've actually seen some cute ones at walmart.  Not in the baking aisle, they have a cake decorating section. Mine does, anyway. 

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